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19 Jun 2014
They mock the use of glycolic tables, which are a diabetic really very useful.
Pioneered the use of artificial edible fats as beneficial for the heart and not long after, when it was clear that margarine causes diabetes and promote heart failure

It is extremely surprising that anyone who financially supports these various associations not taxable, that no association cannot be interested in the successful recovery of this or that disease, since it would disappear contributions, which are their only source of income and existence.
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When people wake up one day and get to treat diabetes forty years, this association will go bankrupt and disappear from society. Before that happens, they will constantly require our support.

Prominent among the originators of our modern diabetes epidemic are artificially modified fats and oils sold in supermarkets.

The first step to curing diabetes is to abandon belief in the false claim that the disease is incurable.

History of diabetes
In 1922 he succeeded three Canadian Nobel Prize winners, Bunting, Best, and Macleod in saving the life of a fourteen year old diabetic girl in Toronto General Hospital injections of insulin.
 License to produce new wonder drug has gained Eli Lilly and medical community basked in the glory of a well done job.


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