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26 Jun 2014
Could you tell us more about this "sensational transplant"? In the summer of 2009, we have learned through publication on the Internet, that a New Zealand company Living Cell Technologies to begin clinical trials of its own method of cell therapy for type 1 diabetes. In the abdominal cavity patients implanted encapsulated cells, called the company "DiabeCell ®".
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DiabeCell ® - is the insulin-producing islet cells from the pancreas of newborn piglets. As assured company semipermeable capsule enables insulin enter the bloodstream. However, the immune system does not attack the cells inside the capsules. Of encapsulated cells produce insulin in response to changes in blood glucose concentration, that allows to adjust the rate supposedly so clear as in healthy persons.

In June, the cells successfully as company assured us, were implanted the first patient. Overall, these injections must have been two trials for each participant at intervals of six months. The purpose of the test set: to improve the control of blood glucose levels and prevent the development of diabetes complications.

At the same time according to the protocol, the study should have been included patients with very severe and dangerous diabetes. It's clear that the text of the ad was simply obliged to contain this phrase.
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"Clinical trials are conducted in accordance with international rules on the adoption of the Protocol in Moscow Institute of Emergency Care. Boston organization Geny Research Group - observes that the test is fully consistent with international standards.


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