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27 Jun 2014
Diabetes blood sugar, or rather, glucose, the body regulates itself in accordance with their ideas of normal sugar should be available to all organs and tissues of the body, but it should not be allocated in the urine.

Any violation of the sugar metabolism in the body - is a serious signal that a person has ever formed a special relationship to sugar.Get Further Details Reverse Your Diabetes
Even perfectly healthy people had to suffer the consequences of fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Irritability morning until as drunk first cup of coffee, or a feeling of tiredness around 11 am - just at a time when, as he said Pooh,

"was long over breakfast, lunch, and had not thought to start" - it's a consequence of reducing the level of blood sugar. Prostration, irritability, weakness of the body of a healthy person responds to a decrease in blood sugar patients with diabetes more serious reaction.

Why do we react to the level of blood? Sugar - the most important component of our metabolism. All the food enters the body consists of three main types of substances: carbohydrates (sugars), fats and proteins (proteins). These substances the body uses for energy and cell repair.

Everything that enters the stomach, the body converts into simpler compounds for future use. Under the action of digestive juices, enzymes, liver and pancreatic enzymes complex sugars and fats are decomposed into simple components;
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proteins are broken down into amino acids and dipeptides enter the bloodstream, which carries these substances for all bodies for energy education and updating and creating new cells.


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