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30 Jun 2014
For example, Medtronic pump can show you how much insulin is administered in an hour, and then it is advisable to pump thought the number of doses. In order to know for sure when you can get the next dose of insulin pump should have a function as a step feed. Good machine must also inform you about situations when blood sugar is very high or too low on the contrary.

Fragrant tea protection against diabetes - In recent years many scientific publications devoted to remarkable properties of coffee. Against this background, somehow slightly faded glory of tea, drink much more ancient. But researchers are discovering new tea and medicinal properties.

If coffee scientists attribute primarily the ability to prevent the development of various cancers, the "medical specialty" tea is basically normalization of metabolism - So, it is already known that the regular consumption of tea (and black, and green) significantly reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

A German scientists from the Leibniz Center for the Study of Diabetes in Dusseldorf (Leibniz Center for Diabetes Research in Dusseldorf) claim that tea also significantly reduces the risk of developing one of the major diseases of modern-day - diabetes type 2.
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The authors studied the food preferences 12,000 people with diabetes, people from different countries of Western Europe, as well as comparing the data with information about the culinary passions almost the same number of healthy Europeans.


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