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10 Jun 2014
These are the diet for the owners of the disease diabetic foods low sugar contain carbohydrates by less than 10% by weight:
- dairy and drinks Diet: Do not exceed the proportion of sugar 5% in milk, yogurt, and less than 3 % in cheese, butter and drinks Diet, so given the abundance diabetic non-obese.

- Meat, eggs and oils: it eliminates sugar in those foods, so it is a favorite among diabetic patients unless there is renal impairment or obesity. Author of Reverse Your Diabetes Does Ken Drew

As well as devoid of both coffee and tea from carbohydrates unless added to them sugar as a sweetener, so it can be without limits.

Leafy vegetables and green: 5% in tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, radishes and mushrooms, and less than 3% in the...

10 Jun 2014
Do we take him pills sugar and needle insulin? - bitter gourd dries raw without cooking and can mix if you like with milk or tea, and use is usually before eating, and the approximate duration of the use of six weeks and then stop a week and re-used again, it can be used with the drive, but should not stop the drive and you can consult with a specialist doctor its use and analysis of those who use insulin injections, I hope not to stop insulin and could be used and But after coordination with the competent doctor.
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Korean option: reader asks about the fruits of bitter gourd Are there vegetables in the markets and you eaten raw or cooked or dried and milled is and is used and attends to eat it?


09 Jun 2014
Herbal medicine: A study of modern scientific that Nigella sativa and components of the oil have a clear effect in reducing blood sugar for elderly people with diabetes and those with an increase of the proportion of fat in the blood, and confirmed the study, which had been prepared.

National Research Center in Cairo to get a doctorate degree, the study focused on the effects of biological and immune from giving a group of elderly people with diabetes and patients to increase the proportion of fat in the blood, as well as patients with anemia of capsules Nigella sativa and its oil (700 mg and 450 mg) three times a day, respectively, for a period of three months, the study called for the possibility of use of Nigella sativa for the...

09 Jun 2014
Muscles so as not to exceed the level of sugar in the blood for a certain extent, and this process back sugar to a normal level.

Needs of the human body for the food for growth and cell renewal, and that the food provides the body with energy necessary for movement. And glucose, is a type of sugar resulting from the digestion process is part of the food, and is essential for energy. Just One Click Reverse Your Diabetes

In the body gland called the pancreas lies behind the stomach is in a sound body secrete a substance called ((insulin)) mission adhesion specific locations on the wall of outer cells for the introduction of glucose in the blood to it.

In the case of a decrease in the amount of insulin or there was some deficiency in...