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30 Jun 2014
To confirm the words of participants scientists before them actigraphy - devices that control sleep and wakefulness; the researchers then simulated different duration of sleep in the laboratory for nine nights. Participants slept for 10 hours without waking up in the first three nights, 6:00 into the second three nights and the same 10 hours, but sleep was due to surface noise that in the last three nights. Every morning they take a blood test. It appeared that a full night sleep three (10 hours) improved insulin sensitivity.

Diabetes mellitus: medicinal plants and traditional methods of treatment - Medicinal plants for treatment of diabetes mellitus as a supplementary to the main treatment gives good results and is widely used....

27 Jun 2014
Diabetes blood sugar, or rather, glucose, the body regulates itself in accordance with their ideas of normal sugar should be available to all organs and tissues of the body, but it should not be allocated in the urine.

Any violation of the sugar metabolism in the body - is a serious signal that a person has ever formed a special relationship to sugar.Get Further Details Reverse Your Diabetes
Even perfectly healthy people had to suffer the consequences of fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Irritability morning until as drunk first cup of coffee, or a feeling of tiredness around 11 am - just at a time when, as he said Pooh,

"was long over breakfast, lunch, and had not thought to start" - it's a consequence of reducing the level of blood...

18 Jun 2014
Unrecognizable, slowly evolving, or neglect, untreated diabetes causes severe damage to major organs, heart, brain, blood vessels in the lower limbs, but even small blood vessels, blood circulation to the kidneys, eyes, nerves ...New Programs About Reverse Your Diabetes Review
Diabetes mellitus type 1
Diabetes mellitus type 1 occurs when they are destroyed B-islet cells of the pancreas by its own immune system, leading to an inability to form insulin, a handicapped person happens to the rest of his life addicted to injecting insulin from the outside.

The trigger for the development of autoimmune reactions may be even banal flu, which started devastating the
production of antibodies against its own cells. These patients usually have a...