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26 Jun 2014
For the treatment and prevention of diabetes in pregnant women in 1999 in Ukraine adopted a special program "Diabetes." The program provides three planned hospitalization to address the issues: whether endure pregnancy, dose adjustments of insulin, prevention of complications, preparation for childbirth, labor management tactics.

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What is diabetes - About mellitus say when the blood glucose level detected high (or as we say - sugars) due to the fact that it lacks...

13 Jun 2014
1. Frequent urination

2. Urinating

3. Extreme thirst and dry throat

4. Weight loss is often the first type. Second type may be accompanied by an increase in weight

5. Disorder

6. Fatigue, fatigue and general weakness

7. Hunger excess

8. Inflammatory gum Repeated and loosening teeth

9. Inflammatory

10. Fungal infections of the genitals in women

11. Presence of sugar or brothers
Diabetes and Nutrition
Definition of diabetes: The change in lifestyle and goal to change dietary habits and life of the city experienced by individuals in the community in addition to the lack of movement, have led to the prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes on a global scale in Saudi society in particular.
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