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01 Jul 2014
Pre-party: two clear well beaten egg. Improves the appearance time. Great for unexpected situations or before a party
Tanned skins: half a cup of coconut water, one tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of honey Lets more light, smooth and hydrated skin. Helps maintain the tan. It also serves as relaxing.

Exfoliating: two tablespoons of oatmeal with half a teaspoon of honey Helps remove dead cells. Lightens the skin and assists in penetration of other components.

Strip-Dark Circles: compress of chamomile tea followed by papaya and honey mask (anti-aging) placed around the eyes.
Closes pores: five strawberries mixed with two tablespoons of honey and a slice of papaya

Dry Skin: mash a banana and mix with a spoon of honey. Great for dry...

27 Jun 2014
At the heart of sugar metabolism is glucose - the most important carbohydrate. It will eventually become all incoming simple sugar in the body. Glucose is the main source of energy for cells. For the "discovery" of the cell walls for glucose the body needs insulin.About Women's Health WWW.ReversDiabetesReviewScam.Com

It acts on a specific location in the cell wall, and glucose is inside the cells. In healthy people, the postprandial blood sugar level rises, so the pancreas begins more rapidly produce insulin, glucose enters the cell and the blood sugar drops to normal. This schematic description of a sugar-carbohydrate metabolism in the body, of course, the processes occurring in the body, much more difficult

In diabetic patients this...

19 Jun 2014
They mock the use of glycolic tables, which are a diabetic really very useful.
Pioneered the use of artificial edible fats as beneficial for the heart and not long after, when it was clear that margarine causes diabetes and promote heart failure

It is extremely surprising that anyone who financially supports these various associations not taxable, that no association cannot be interested in the successful recovery of this or that disease, since it would disappear contributions, which are their only source of income and existence.
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When people wake up one day and get to treat diabetes forty years, this association will go bankrupt and disappear from society. Before that happens, they will constantly...

19 Jun 2014
Dr. Herbert Lye it in his testimony at a hearing before the U.S. Senate, commented: "People think that the FDA is their protector. But it is not. Meanwhile, the FDA is actually doing and what the public thinks about it, the difference is like night and day.

Economic and political influence of the medical community dominates our entire health insurance industry. While in America, it's starting to change, it is still difficult to find health insurance that covers the costs of effective alternative treatments. Author of Reverse Your Diabetes Does Ken Drew

Orthodox medicine is standard in all states. Alternative medicine not. For example, there are only 1,400 licensed naturopaths in only 11 states, compared with more than 3.4 million...