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30 Jun 2014
For example, Medtronic pump can show you how much insulin is administered in an hour, and then it is advisable to pump thought the number of doses. In order to know for sure when you can get the next dose of insulin pump should have a function as a step feed. Good machine must also inform you about situations when blood sugar is very high or too low on the contrary.

Fragrant tea protection against diabetes - In recent years many scientific publications devoted to remarkable properties of coffee. Against this background, somehow slightly faded glory of tea, drink much more ancient. But researchers are discovering new tea and medicinal properties.

If coffee scientists attribute primarily the ability to prevent the development of various...

13 Jun 2014
1_ blindness

2_ Dysfunctional brain

3_ paralysis, God forbid

4_ death, so it is more dangerous than the rise of diabetes in the blood how to avoid the low diabetes:

1_ regularity on diet and doses specified

2_ if he got low advisable test work and not be possible by eating something sweet like sugar solution with water or dates
or honey or any type of candy
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3_ and if the patient is unconscious, it took injected glucagon IM and it is best of this serum refrigerator.

Should diabetics carried with him type of candy anywhere to go to him in order to avoid the drop in sugar
* must take care of the feet

* There are many diseases that gave diabetics, including

1_ neuropathy and this means sense in the feet...